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Rene Caisse and her Essiac Tea

Rene Caisse's Story

Rene Caisse was a devoted Canadian nurse who began treating thousands of cancer patients in the 1920s and continued to do so for over 50 years with an Indian Herbal tea. Rene learned of the tea formula from a patient who had drunk the tea daily after a breast cancer diagnosis 30 year before. She had sought out the
Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indians in Lake Country, Canada and learned how to brew their herbal tincture.

Rene's first time administering the Herbal Tea was in 1924 when her aunt developed cancer. Rene asked her aunt's doctor Dr. R.O. Fisher for permission to try the Indian's herbal brew, which the doctor granted. Two months after her aunt began drinking the tea, she began to improve and she lived another 20 years.

After her aunts recovery, Dr. Fisher and Rene teamed up and she began treating patients who had been diagnosed by their doctors as terminal. Given the herbal tea, many patients showed improvement.

In 1926 eight doctors sent a petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa. "We believe the treatment for cancer by Rene Caisse can do no harm, and that it relieves pain, will reduce enlargement and prolong life in hopeless cases. To the best of our knowledge she has not been given a case to treat until every thing else has been tried without effect, and even then she is able to show remarkably beneficial results." Signed R. O. Fisher, J A McInnes, E T Hodge, Chas H Hair, G Moore, J Williams, J Roberts.

Her petition was denied and in return Rene was threatened with arrest or restraint. When the doctor's that were sent to investigate learned Rene was only treating terminal cases under the supervision of doctors and that she did not charge fees, they relented and let her carry on.

Rene continued to treat patient but continued to face opposition since she did not have a medical licence. In 1932 she was granted a hearing where she presented evidence and testimonials The Canadian Ministry of Health’s deemed her treatment valuable and granted her permission to administer her treatment to cancer patients on the condition they had a doctor’s diagnosis of cancer and she did not charge for her services.

Rene dedicated her life to perfecting the formula of herbal tea brew which she named Essiac (her last name Caisse spelled backwards). She was extremely protective of the formula and passed up many opportunities to work with Universities and research facilities because she did not want to reveal the ingredients and was wary of the formula ending up in the wrong hands. She felt her efforts to get her tea recognised were hampered by politics and the greed of the medical establishment.

Rene Caisse passed away in 1978 at the age of ninety. Before her death she sold her formula to Resperin Corporation for $1. She also gave the formula to two friends, and It is essentially through these two that public came to know the formula.

Rene Caisse Herbal tea contains four natural powdered herbs, all of which are completely natural, each have excellent properties individually to strengthen the immune system and cleanse organs, and are known to be non toxic, having been used for centuries both in food and medicinally.

The Ingredients

Burdock Root arctium lappa: A close relative to Echinacea and Dandelion, Burdock Root is a blood purifier, which may help eliminate impurities from the blood and cleanse the lymphatic system. Burdock root can help strengthen the immune system and aid as a tonic for the liver, kidneys, and lungs. It can assist in increasing strength and endurance. Burdock also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal compounds. It can help as a skin wash to treat burns, ringworm, acne, and rashes. Burdock root contain the following nutrients: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C.

Sheep Sorrel rumex acetosella (whole plant used - root, stem, & leaves): The whole herb has diuretic properties which help cleanse blood and the excretory system. The herb may improve liver, intestinal and bowel functions. The chlorophyll in sheep sorrel leaves carries oxygen through the bloodstream which assists to strengthen cell walls, helps remove deposits in blood vessels, and allows the body to store and use more oxygen. Sheep sorrel may help reduce inflammation.

Slippery Elm ulmus fulva – has soothing properties. It may be used to calm inflamed tissue, nervous problems, stomach and intestines, sore throats and coughs. Slippery Elm contains inulin (a complex sugar that humans cannot digest), which may assist the liver, spleen and pancreas. The herb may reduce free radicals and be used as an antioxidant. Slippery Elm may promote urination, reduce swelling, and act as a laxative. It may also aid sleep. Slippery Elm nutrients include calcium, iron, vitamin C, thiamine, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

Indian Rhubarb Root rheum officinale (root only) has laxative and astringent properties. The herb may assist to stimulate the colon and reduce swelling while promoting bile flow. It may help sooth digestion and cleanse the liver.

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